Stop The Greed Agenda

  • Firefighters

    Your job is running into danger and saving people’s lives. But the mega-billionaire special interests have no place for you in their GREED AGENDA.

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  • Construction Workers

    Your hard work literally builds our communities from the ground up. But the GREED AGENDA will take your pay, your benefits and even your job.

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  • Kids

    Our kids deserve every opportunity this great nation can provide them. But there’s no opportunity for them if special interest mega-billionaires can push through their GREED AGENDA.

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  • Veterans

    Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude. But a group of billionaire special interests are leaving you out of their GREED AGENDA.

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  • Environmentalists

    THE GREED AGENDA takes aim at few areas with as much gusto as it does our natural environment… putting public lands and public health at risk with every flawed policy.

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  • Seniors

    You worked hard all your life, with a promise of some security in your later years. But the GREED AGENDA will take your security and turn it into their profit.

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    • NOV 21, 2014

      Will The Tea Party/Koch/Brothers/GOP Defend Us From Ebola (Do We Need Government Involved In Healthcare After All)?

      Huffington Post: “I mean it would be in we-hate-government-Texas that authorities couldn't even figure out how to clean up the contaminated bed-sheets of a man with Ebola-- wouldn't it? Did R...

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    • NOV 21, 2014

      How The Koch Brothers Helped Shut Texas Abortion Clinics

      American Prospect: “In Texas politics, abortion is front and center once again—and so is the role of so-called ‘free enterprise’ groups in the quest for government control o...

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      Patriot Majority Spokesman Sid Voorakkara displays his frustration with the Koch Brothers and Colo. Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s GREED AGENDA that place a strangle hold on the majority vote.