Basic Instructions For Creating A Research Paper Cover Page In The APA Style

Creating a research paper cover page apa style is easy with a little guidance. The page has important details presented following the APA formatting style. Whether you choose to use a template or an example cover page, it is important to pay attention to details and know how to present your content correctly. A small error could lead to points being taken off of the entire final grade of the project. Here is basic information to know about the cover page and how to create it for your project.

  • What is a Cover Page?
  • The cover page doesn’t present a lot of information but the detail it is comprised of is important. The information is given based on requirements for the research paper format in apa style.. It will state details related to the assignment that is required to present before the assignment. The information may vary depending on school but most schools include basic information such as student name, subject, title of assignment, instructor name, and date.

  • Basic Details of Following APA Style
  • Completing your cover page should only take a few moments. Keep guidelines for your cover page close by as schools can vary. When typing your content, the recommended font size is 12 with the font Times Roman. The title should be centered halfway in the middle of the page. Your name, school, and date project is submitted appears at the bottom center aligned. Some schools require the name of their instructor be included but consider your guidelines as mentioned.

    A running header at the top of the page includes 50 characters and it includes a shortened version of your title. It is justified to the left. Page numbers should appear aligned on the right. The word processing program you are using can help you set page numbers. About 5 spaces should separate the running header from the page number. If instructed follow APA guidelines as stated to create your cover page.

  • Additional Tips on Creating a Cover Page
  • Find a well-written research paper apa style example to help you get an idea of what your content should look like. Look for examples through college university websites. In many cases, the material is similar as far as following APA guidelines is concerned. Check guidelines for your project to make sure any required information is present in your cover page.

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