Efficient Recommendations For Writing A Great Term Paper

When you have been given the homework of writing a freelance dissertation as part of your term assignment, then you need to ensure that the term paper excels in all forms. To excel, here are some recommendations:


The homework research paper in order to be different from a textbook or a tutorial needs to have innovation. It should explain something new about the technique which is proposed even though it need not explain the technique in question.


The freelance contributions should be explicitly mentioned at the end of the thesis. Contributions can be explained as outcomes and not efforts which are put in or the process by which something is done. Contributions can be varied. They can be new designs, techniques or tools or even it could be regarding evidence which supports or contradicts the theories that exist.

The Structure

The way the structure of a research thesis works is:

  • The introduction. This should be a few paragraphs long, and the goal should be to excite the attention of the reader. This should set the tone and put into perspective the entire topic.
  • The background which gives rise to the work which you have undertaken or built upon
  • The problem statement or deficiencies that are identified. This is the main point of the research work and is just a sentence long. Though it should be elaborated in several paragraphs.
  • The conceptual solution or how the problem can be dealt with
  • Implementation or how this can be used by all people
  • Experimental design which needs to be evaluated
  • Results of evaluation in terms of evidence
  • Discussion of what the results signify and what ideas are there for research to be undertaken in the future. This also needs to inform why the study is so important and who will benefit from it.
  • Related work by other people supporting your dissertation
  • Concluding remarks to tie up the entire essay.

Communication of contribution

When the essay has contributions, the reviewers who read through the essay will interpret the value of these contributions. Are they valuable, were the claims substantiated and are the contributions old or new.


In conclusion, when you present recommendations, you should not present them on your beliefs or bias but rather on the basis of data that supports your claim.

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